VeinID Five


It is a technology that scans a person's hand vein through the device cameras such as computers and mobile phones without special equipment. With this technology, the compeller steps that cause loss of time such as logging into Windows systems, remembering password, resetting password, and changing the password intermittently become easier. Users show their hands to the camera of devices such as computers and mobile phones, and they can log in when their finger vein is scanned.


"Face" biometrics is external biometrics.They can identify you without you realizing it. Finger vein can only be defined when you allow it.


When you show your hand to do camera, you can verify your ID without contact.

Long Lasting

Your finger vein map does not change with aging like your face. It stays the same and it can be used permanently for authentication with VeinID Five technology,

Fast and Easy

You just need to show your hand to your computer's camera.

No Additional Hardware

VeinID Five is a technology that scans hand veins print through the computer cameras.

Since our faces are always unconcealed, besides regulation institutions, also end users do not want to use face biometrics due to privacy concerns. Because, with facial data, the person can be authenticated against the request of the person through any camera and the person can easily watch. Hand vein is a person's internal biometrics. This biometric verification is only possible when the use wants it, since the process will not take place without placing your hand in a certain shape on the screen.

Internal biometrics

Compared to methods such as face recognition and fingerprints, it is a more reliable and highly confidential solution.


Although the age increases, the finger vein map remains the same. It is also tolerant of skin damage seen in fingerprints.

No need for additional hardware

Showing your hand to a standard PC camera is sufficient for authentication.

It cannot be used when you are unaware

This biometric verification is only possible when the use wants it, since the process will not take place without placing your hand in a certain shape on the screen.

Hard to imitate it

It is specific to the person's finger vein map. It is impossible to imitate, steal, or share with anyone else.

Biometric Image is not Stored

In the working principle of the system, personal biometric data is never stored.

Solution Tailored to you

With VeinID Five technology, there are different usage possibilities in main sectors such as Fintechs, All Banking and Finance sectors, E-Commerce, Public Transport services, Entertainment areas, Ticketing, Payment systems and Health.

We would like to consider together how it can be adapted for your industry and what kind of value we can add to your project. We would be pleased if you consult us.

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System Requirements and Configuration

Optimum configuration compatible with VeinID Five;

Windows10 Pro 64 bit with updates

Intel i5 and above processors. Other equivalent brands.


720p or higher device camera

Windows MP4 video player

A desktop or laptop computer with an Active Directory domain or used individually

Conveniently configured security policy settings:

  • Possibility of new enrollment with Windows credential provider

  • Camera can be used by VeinID Five software and credential provider

  • VeinID Five login option can be displayed on Windows10 login screen

  • Local user profile authorization or ActiveDirectory profile authorization