Hitachi H-1


H-1 devices developed by Hitachi are a highly secure biometric solution that provides extremely fast identity verification with Finger Vein Scanning.

Identity Management

It responds to the identity management needs of companies. It provides easy access to applications without users to memorize passwords and without compromising security.

Personnel Tracking

It is an easy-to-use and fast biometric solution to ensure staff working hours and workplace safety. Provides integrated security management for personnel tracking and similar needs.

Banking and Finance

To allow who enters rooms in the building and controlling access to computers and files are important issues for all financial institutions. H-1 can be integrated into building access control systems.

Signing Documents

With the H-1, thanks to the structure called PBI (Public Biometric Infrastructure), person verification and document signing solutions can also be offered, and central identity verification platforms can be created.

Payment Systems

People can make payments without a card, cash or equipment, when their finger vein data is identified on the H-1 device with a bank or credit card.

Since our faces are always unconcealed, besides regulation institutions, also end users do not want to use face biometrics due to privacy concerns. Because, with facial data, the person can be authenticated against the request of the person through any camera and the person can easily watch. Hand vein is a person's internal biometrics. This biometric verification is only possible when the use wants it, since the process will not take place without placing your hand in a certain shape on the screen.

High Security

It provides high security biometric login instead of easily obtainable login methods such as PIN and password.

Prevention of Fraud

It eliminates the misuse of sharing company entrance cards among employees.

Instant Certificates

Cards do not need to be personalized in advance. It allows keys and certificates to be created during user registration.

Internal biometrics

Compared to methods such as face recognition and fingerprints, it is a more reliable and highly confidential solution.

Hard to imitate it

It is specific to the person's finger vein map. It is impossible to imitate, steal, or share with anyone else.

Biometric Image is not Stored

In the working principle of the system, personal biometric data is never stored.

Technology that proved itself

Finger Veinprint authentication with H-1 is a reliable, proven, capable solution used in the world's largest banks.

System integration

H-1 can be integrated into any existing corporate system. It provides users with simple but highly secure access to applications with single sign-on identity management.

Solution Tailored to you

Finger Veinprint authentication method with H-1 devices; offers significant advantages thanks to its high security, strength against fraud attempts, authentication speed and compact size of the device.

With our H-1 devices, there are different usage possibilities in main sectors such as Fintechs, All Banking and Finance sectors, E-Commerce, Public Transport services, Entertainment areas, Ticketing, Payment systems and Health.

We would like to consider together how H-1 devices can be adapted for your industry and what kind of value we can add to your project. We would be pleased if you consult us.

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System Requirements and Configuration

List of Windows platforms it can work with:

Windows10 Pro 32 bit with updates

  • Microsoft Windows®7 Starter/Home Premium/Professional/ Ultimate/Enterprise

  • Microsoft Windows®8.1/8.1 Pro/8.1 Enterprise

  • Microsoft Windows®10/Home/Pro/Enterprise

Windows10 Pro 64 bit with updates

  • Microsoft Windows®7/Home Premium/Professional/ Ultimate/Enterprise

  • Microsoft Windows®8.1/8.1 Pro/8.1 Enterprise

  • Microsoft Windows®10/Home/Pro/Enterprise